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Package: 100 tabs each tab contains 10 mg Oxymetholone
Manufacturer: Maxtreme
Brand name: Anadrol
Aka: Max-Drol


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Anadrol Dosage and other Information

50 tabs each tab contains 50 mg Oxymetholone

Drug class: Oral Androgenic Steroid and highly anabolic
Recommended average dosage: Between 50 and 150 mg/day for men
Active life: Below 16 hours
Water retention: Very high
Toxic to liver: Yes
Decreases HPTA function: Yes
DTH Conversion: Derivative of DTH

Anadrol is considered to be a very powerful oral androgen and goes by the brand name Anadrol 50 in the United States. This anabolic steroid was first manufactured in the 1960s by international pharmaceutical company Syntex. As Anadrol or Oxymetholone is known to increase the count of red blood cells quite effectively, it was first used to treat severe cases of Anaemia. As better non-steroidal drugs were found to treat Anaemia, Anadrol fell out of favour and was discontinued in 1993 in the United States.

However, Anadrol has the positive effect of many strong steroids without the severe side effects. Also, recent studies with HIV/AIDS show the beneficial effects of oxymetholone. The recommended dosage for male athletes is 50mg to 150mg a day. In general the recommended dosage for Anadrol 50 is 1 to 5mg per kg of body weight. Although such a high dosage is not required and as the drug comes in the form of 50mg tablets, athletes need to take only between 1 and 3 tablets daily. Anadrol 50 should not be used for more than 4-6 weeks.

Effects of this steroid – Anadrol 50 – can be pretty drastic with results visible in very little time. Considered to be the most powerful androgenic steroid by many, use of this drug by a novice can lead to massive gain of bulk – between 20 and 30 lbs. Such massive weight gain can be achieved in about 6 weeks. Anadrol 50 results in high water retention, so much of the weight and mass gain can be attributed to bloating. Due to water retention, the muscles of the user are fuller and the joints are more protected as lubrication is provided by water stored in the connective tissue. This also increases elasticity and reduces the risk of injury during strenuous exercises and weightlifting. The use of Anadrol 50 also gives a smoother look and can make the user feel more confident due to the quick gain in mass.

As a potent steroid, it does have many side effects. The quick gain in mass can result in the damage of the pectoral and bicep tissues. Users also stand the chance of developing gynecomastia and other estrogen related problems. Other embarrassing and unwanted side effects of Anadrol 50 include oily skin, severe acne, and excessive facial and body hair. Male pattern baldness can also be aggravated by the use of this drug. It is also extremely stressful to the liver and can lead to liver damage if used in very high dosages for too long. Female athletes are advised not to use Anadrol 50 as it is too androgenic.

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