Features of short courses of steroids

Many athletes are confident in the high efficiency of long cycles, and someone can “sit” on steroids almost without interruption. But are short courses ineffective? There are many supporters of this idea, and they achieve excellent results without side effects. If you hold a  basic steroid cycle for 4 weeks, then give the body a rest for the same period, then for a full year the athlete will spend six months on the course and receive the same rest. Now we will try to prove that short courses of steroids give a good gain and fewer side effects.

The need for short courses of steroids

Short courses of steroids for muscle growth
Here are a few reasons why a short cycle may be more effective. Those athletes who use courses lasting 10-12 weeks and make a similar break between them should try the “4 – 4” scheme, i.e. 4 weeks course and 4 weeks rest. Of course, you can not get the same weight as a 12-week course, but the rollback will be much less. As a minimum, there will be no loss in weight gain, and it is easier for the body to recover after a short cycle.

Short courses have less negative impact on the lipid profile. Probably, many athletes, mostly beginners and amateurs, do not know that with any use of steroids, the lipid profile changes. Many athletes confirmed the fact of lowering the level of good cholesterol and a simultaneous increase in the amount of harmful to the body.

To normalize the lipid level, as a rule, it takes from 3 to 10 weeks of rest from steroids. During medical studies it was found that the level of good cholesterol should be at least at around 40, and its ratio with bad cholesterol is not lower than 3.5 to 1.

Less prolonged steroid courses do not load the liver so much. This is another proof that short courses of steroids – a good increase and fewer. In this case, even if the oral cycle does not include oral anabolics, which are alkylated by 17-alpha, the liver is still heavily loaded. But with a shorter intake of drugs, the liver is not subjected to such severe stress and quickly restores its functions. It is established that it is capable of withstanding strong loads over a short period of time.

When using a cycle of up to 4 weeks, athletes can not use gonadotropin. Despite the fact that the synthesis of natural testosterone ceases after the first week of taking steroids, the athlete does not face atrophy of the testicles because of the short period of exposure to the body of anabolics. Also after a short cycle the body is quickly restored. Of course, gonadotropin can be used on a short course, but there is no need for it. Agree that still short courses of steroids: a good increase – fewer.

A short cycle will be an excellent solution for athletes who fear the occurrence of androgenic side effects. These can be caused only by two reasons: long term of use of steroids and excess of their dosages.

As you can see, the advantages of short cycles are obvious. Now we are not talking about professionals, because they need to be on the course almost always to achieve high sports results. But for amateurs they will be the best choice.

The benefits of short cycles of steroids

Steroids in sports
If the athlete has not yet reached the limits of his genetic level of musculature development, then in one cycle he will be able to gain from 6 to 7 kilograms of mass, about 5 kilograms of which will remain after rest. If the athlete pauses between courses for no more than 6 weeks, the weight loss due to rollback will not be large, and with each new cycle the growth will not stop. True, the results will be somewhat lower than immediately after reaching the genetic maximum.

As a result, progress will be permanent, and the athlete will not roll back to his natural maximum. Of course, there can be no talk of victory in competitions, but for fans this is not actual. In addition, during short pauses between cycles, muscle tissue atrophy will not be strong, and the recovery process proceeds quickly enough.

You can summarize the above. Basic steroid cycle: a good increase – less, and with their help you can achieve excellent results with complete safety for the body.

Choosing Steroids for Short Course

Steroids for athletes
The main task of the basic steroid cycle is a rapid entry, the maximum impact on the receptors, providing an increase in the mass of muscle tissue. Then it is necessary to leave the course as quickly as possible, minimizing possible side effects. For these purposes, oral and rapid-acting injectable anabolic drugs are best.

Since the course is limited to a short period of time, it is not justified to use complex means, such as a deck, on it. It is also important to note that such steroids are removed from the body for a long time, and this is unacceptable in this situation.

Selectable anabolics should be powerful enough, and their dosage should give the maximum results in a short period of time. You can use soft drugs, for example, an anavar, but this will not give such good results. The most suitable steroids for short courses are danabol, testosterone propionate, trenbolone and anadrol.

Among the most effective combinations are the following: testosterone propionate and trenbolone; Propionate, trenbolone and winstrol, anadrol and propionate, danabol propionate.