What should be the duration of the course of steroids?

Steroids an effective assistant in the collection of muscle mass, the creation of relief muscles, fat burning. However, the effect of taking anabolic drugs will only be if the steroid rate is correctly formulated. Any athlete who begins acquaintance with anabolic medications is asked: what steroid course to choose, long or short, which course is more effective, what should be the duration of the course. Before proceeding to the main topic, it makes sense to say: an ideal universal course does not exist in nature. The correct course of steroids is selected depending on the purpose of the athlete and the individual characteristics of the organism.

Depending on the objectives, the course can be:

  • course of steroids on weight;
  • course of steroids for a quality (dry) mass;
  • a course of steroids for drying;
  • course on force;
  • endurance course and others.


The question of the duration of the course is so shaky and individual that there is no unambiguous answer with exact figures. One thing is clear: the course should not be very long, and must necessarily be combined with post-course therapy. This is due to the biochemical processes taking place in our body, as well as the fact that the body is simply accustomed to certain drugs, and their effect is lost. Another reason is the toxicity of drugs, the need for rest, cleaning and recovery after taking anabolic drugs.

We must understand that the anabolic course for men and women will differ. This is due to differences in the structure of the body and the hormonal background. At first glance, the man and woman in bodybuilding pursue the same goals, but if you drop deeper, it turns out that the tasks of the representatives of the opposite sex are different. The goal of the man is to gain muscle mass, the purpose of the woman is to improve the relief of the muscles, keeping the menstrual cycle.

Short course (up to 4 weeks).

A short steroid course is called taking anabolic for 4 weeks. For the first time, the benefits of a short course were demonstrated by Bill Roberts. During a short course, emphasis is placed on safety, harmlessness, and the absence of negative effects. There is an opinion that professional bodybuilders do not recognize the effectiveness of short courses, but recently such a system has gained popularity among experienced athletes and beginners. It is not surprising that for most athletes the first course on weight belongs precisely to a group of short anabolic courses.

Short courses are solo (for example, testosterone) and complex. Short courses involve 2-4 weeks of taking the drug and 2-4 weeks of rest. The short course also includes:

  • protein diet without fatty meat;
  • cardio exercises and strength training;
  • the use of vitamins, minerals, supplements.

Advantages of short courses

The advantages of short courses include:

  • stable growth of muscle mass;
  • absence of side effects;
  • rapid restoration of the hormonal background, metabolism and natural production of testosterone;
  • there is practically no phenomenon of recoil, since the testicles do not have time to change their shape.


The choice of a steroid course is also influenced by the chemical composition of the drugs taken. For short courses, only those steroids that have a low anabolic effect are suitable: testosterone propionate and isobutyrate, masteron, trenbolone acetate, stanozolol, anavar and others. Before buying a drug, you need to carefully study the composition and determine which type of course it fits best. The most optimal option, both in price and quality of the course, is able to pick up experts from our store.

Long courses (more than 5-10 weeks).

Long courses are different – someone uses year-round steroid courses, someone tries to combine cycles. Much in this matter depends on the steroid taken, the anabolic processes taking place inside the body, the athlete’s experience, age and a number of individual moments. What can be attributed to individual moments? Hormonal background, chronic diseases, weight, steroid course goals and other important points. In bodybuilding it is considered that long courses are much more effective and help to build a higher quality muscle mass. Long may be a course of recruiting dry mass, and a course of endurance.

Long courses are most suitable for professional athletes who have a great experience of using steroids and almost do without them. The main differences of long courses are: low and moderate doses, mainly an injection method for the use of anabolic drugs, ethers in the course. Another difference – the “exit” from the course occurs with drugs with a high anabolic effect and low androgenic activity (including primobolan and anavar). A long course is often a combination of strong and weak anabolics, which makes it possible to tone up the body.

The duration of steroid courses is affected by:

  • quality and chemical formula of the preparation;
  • inhibitory effect of the steroid;
  • the ability of the drug to inhibit the production of natural testosterone;
  • physical individual characteristics of the athlete;
  • purpose of the course (drying, improvement of relief, endurance).


Long and short courses combine one point – the need for post-course therapy, which means taking pharmacological preparations, vitamins and growth hormones to restore the hormonal background after taking steroids.

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