Why do PCT after the course

In translation from English, the abbreviation of PKT is post-course therapy, that is, a set of certain medications, as well as sports supplements. These components are necessary to reduce side effects and reduce the risk of complications that may occur after the full use of a number of steroid hormones. PCT after the course is a real find for athletes engaged in power sports and bodybuilding.

Passing post-course treatment becomes especially relevant after using hormones in a large dosage, or in the case of synchronous use of several anabolic drugs.

The main objectives of post-course activities.

  • The processes aimed at the natural restoration of the hormonal background, that is, the retention of muscle mass, which was recruited during the use of steroid hormones;
  • Counteraction to the phenomenon of rollback;
  • Preventing the birth of feminization;
  • Prevention of oligoseremia and testicular atrophy;
  • Preventive measures aimed at reducing the risk of any side effects.

The main components of PCT after the course

Antiestrogens, which in turn are divided into two types:

  • Inhibitors – letrozole and anastrozole, these substances must be used during the course of the course, with the goal of blocking estrogenic effects.
  • Tamoxifen and Clomifene are blockers of estrogen receptors. The above substances are attributed to use, immediately after the termination of PCT, for several weeks. These components will ensure proper regeneration of secretion.


  1. Gonadotropin (chorionic). The main function of the drug is to eliminate the further development of testicular atrophy and desensitization of Leydig cells. Actively used in the period of taking heavy courses, the duration of which exceeds the mark of 6 weeks.
  2. Cabergoline is a secretion inhibitor of prolactin. Used in the course of the course of progestin substances – trenbolone, which increases the amount of prolactin, because it is responsible for the manifestation of more side effects. Recommended dosage: 0.25 mg. every 4 days.

Complex of drugs for PCT after the course from Getanabolics.biz

  • Clomid is a non-steroidal drug whose structure resembles estrogen. The drug stimulates the production of gonadotropins by means of action on the pituitary gland;
  • Proviron is a universal medicine that belongs to the group of anti-extrogens, but it has characteristic features and bonuses in the form of an anabolic effect. During the course of post-course therapy, this drug is combined with tamoxifen.
  • Proviron-Ver is the products of the well-known company Vermoj, while actingololone is the acting substance. The drug can be used as an anti-estrogen, but it is necessary to take into account the strength of the anabolic effect. Proviron-Ver must be taken after passing PCT.
  • Tamoxifen is a medicament that is actively used by athletes, with a view to further blocking the receptors of estradiol. The structure is very similar to clomid, but at the same time, characterized by increased power of its properties.

Additional components for PCT after the course.

Testosterone booster – with their help, the hormonal state of the body is restored. After all the steroids are removed from the body, you can include this component in daily use. It lasts two to three weeks, followed by a weakening of the dosage.

Hepatoprotectors – protect the liver from the toxic effects of certain drugs. To use it is necessary from the second week, the completion of reception falls on the third week after the entire course.

Omega-3 – normalizes lipids and cholesterol, this allows you to protect the cardiac and vascular system from the negative effects that are often observed if you neglect the use of this drug.

Growth hormone and peptides are an ideal tool for retaining the muscle mass obtained. The supplement will help to cope with signs of anxiety, depression, loss of strength, malaise. The cost of this tool is high, because of its high cost, it is not always included in the PCT (post-course therapy). During or after the use of AAS, a template course of growth hormone is performed.

The blocker cortisol is a bioadditive eliminating catabolism, which allows to keep the muscles from injury. The start of the application can be taught at the end of the course of steroids, and lasts three to four weeks.