Gather a dry mass with no side effects

As for a veterinary drug that is injected into cows, horses and dogs, boldenone is extremely popular and a favorite among most bodybuilders. All thanks to the unique principles of the drug and its effects. He has several such weighty features that distinguish boldenone from the rest of anabolic steroids, turning it into a universal remedy at different stages of sports life. Boldenone can help to gain a dry mass without side effects, and also to obtain relief and venousity.

Boldenone can be attributed to powerful steroids, which in practice show moderate androgenic and estrogenic activity. It feels like boldenone is a soft version of testosterone. It differs from testosterone only by double binding in the first and fourth positions.

By and large, 5-alpha reductase creates from a small amount of boldenone a hormone dihydrolaldenone. A more effective form of dihydrolaldenone, has a pronounced anabolic effect. The athlete successfully improves muscle mass, thanks to the hormone action on the androgen receptors.

One of the principles of the work of boldenone is an increase in nitrogen and a positive effect on protein synthesis and resynthesis. In fact, this is not the key point of this drug, when compared with the same nandrolone, which has already been written in the article about a safe steroid for mass gain. So what is the peculiarity of boldenone? Boldenone provides an opportunity to gain a dry mass without side effects, by best digesting the necessary components for protein synthesis through increased appetite.

Increasing appetite helps to absorb more food, nutrients and nutrients, which is extremely important for achieving significant weight gain. Many underestimate this positive effect of boldenone, and in fact it really maximizes the mass-gathering cycle.

As for the estrogenic activity of boldenone, this conversion of sex hormones is extremely reluctant, but is present. In reality, this brings more positive results for the athlete than negative ones. The aroma of boldenone is too small to create real problems with adequate dosages (300-400 mg per week). Gynecomastia or the deposition of fats by female type in practice is absent.

Light aromatization is desirable, because estrogen also acts as an intermediary of anabolism. Estrogen may be responsible for better utilization of glucose, replenishment of glycogen stores after eating, increased production of growth hormone. But most importantly, estrogen acts as a responsible hormone for improving the perception of androgen receptors, allowing the acting hormones to cause an anabolic effect. Moderate aromatization of boldenone allows you to get the most out of estrogen and gain a dry mass without side effects. This proportion of light aromatase and an increase in appetite is a super success for courses on recruitment.

Boldenone in other sports also brings significant results and can be a very useful tool. The drug promotes the release of erythropoietin in the kidneys. This hormone is responsible for signaling the creation of new red blood cells. More blood cells will provide better oxygen transport. In this case, the athlete on the boldenon course feels an increase in endurance and his functional characteristics. Delayed peak muscle acidification, which allows you to work longer and more efficiently. For bodybuilders, this can be useful in the precompetitive drying stage.

How to use boldenone?

Based on the half-life period, it is advisable to put boldenone weekly. The minimum dosages start at 300-400 mg per week and reach 800 mg per week. Boldenone does not have toxicity for the liver, therefore it can be used for a long time on long courses. There is an opinion that the best result of boldenone shows, if you use the load – to increase the dosage at the start. For example, we put in the first 2 weeks of 800 mgneded, and then 300-400 mgned for the remaining 8-10 weeks.

Side effects of boldenone

Boldenone is quite weak and rarely appears in practice. In admissible doses of 300-400 mg per week, estrogenic activity is invisible. Speaking of androgenic action, then with long or intensive use of the drug, easy virilization can be seen, for example, hair growth on the body.

Why combine boldenone for drying?

Boldenone is used for drying. In this case, the drug is combined with an effective steroid trenbolone, vinstrol and testosterone propionate. Some do not dare to include a test driver P in cycles for drying, but professionals feel the wonderful effects of this ether. Beginners should do without propionate.

Winstrol or its oral form – strombafort – provides hardness and quality of the gained weight, increase strength and endurance. In turn, boulder emphasizes the features of the muscles without unnecessary aromatization. It is recommended to use 50 mg of vinstrol in conjunction with 300-400 mg of boldenone per week. As a result, the athlete can gain a dry weight without side effects, improve the drawing, definition, because the fat-burning effect is included.

Trenbolone and boldenone lead to growths, even if small, but dry muscles. Dosages look like this: 50 mg simulator daily (or 100 mg every other day) and 300-400 mg boldenone per week.

A powerful combination on a set of dry mass without side effects looks like: 300 mg of boldenone + 50 mg of a day of trenbolone acetate + 50 mg of Winstrol. According to the situation, you can add another 50 mg per day of testosterone propionate.

Why combine boldenone with mass?

There is a significant increase in appetite and nutritional assimilation. This phenomenon is extremely useful in the cycle for the kit and can interfere with the drying stage. It is advisable to combine boldenone with testosterone enanthate or testosterone cypionate. In other words, we replace the usual deck of durabolines with boldenone, combining it with testosterone esters. In this case, the set goes more quality musculature, since the aromatization of boldenone is less than nandrolone and does not manifest progestagenic activity. The advantage of boldenone over nandrolone phenylproionate on the mass is expressed in increasing the ability of the body to digest food, which allows you to gain the necessary amount of food resources for the structure of muscles.

You can combine a powerful steroid sustanon 500 mg per week with boldenone 300-400 mg per week. Instead of sustanone, testosterone enanthate 500 mg per week can perfectly match.

Even if nandrolone decanoate is preferred, you can add a little to the course of boldenone – to increase your appetite. However, boldenone is a safer drug and less inhibitory of endogenous testosterone.

Boldenone can act as a substitute for nandrolone and primolobul. The effect of drugs in many ways similar. If we compare boldenone and nandrolone, the first one gives a more dry mass in the end. An alternative to the primrose may be due to its more powerful anabolic potential with a weak aromatization.

Boldenone and PKT after course therapy

On the course of boldenone solo or with the combination of non-flavoring drugs, PCT may be optional. The use of clomid, tamoxifen is necessary only in the case of combinations of boldenone and powerful steroids, such as testosterone enanthate, drug, etc. In general, PCT takes about 4 weeks. Therapy should be started 1.5-2 weeks after the last injection.