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Pause between steroid courses and PCT

Bodybuilders that use anabolic steroids need to remember that after the course the pause is necessary to return body functions to normal. It is known that the completion of reception of steroids the natural production of testosterone decreases, the level of cholesterol reaches a dangerous level, and often increased blood pressure. But all this returns to normal within several weeks to several months without steroids.

The question is how long this pause between courses should last and what happens if an athlete decides to cut her. Often bodybuilders, wanting to preserve muscle mass, which is increased through training and anabolics, are rapidly moving into a new steroid course. After the course the athlete to lose at least 10% -15% of extended muscles, but there are times when the loss is much higher. Therefore, the desire to start a new course of steroids for an even greater increase is normal for a motivated bodybuilder.

By the way, the bodybuilder makes no sense to extend the course to obtain the best result. This means that the athlete will need more time to recover and as a result, it will on the contrary keep away from my goal.

Post-cycle therapy and recovery

Post-cycle therapy and recoveryTo limit the side effects of steroids on the health of the company without them, should last as long as possible. While recover helps athlete’s post-cycle therapy (PCT). As soon as the Builder completes the PCT it goes to the pause between the courses of steroids.

PCT involves the intake of supplements with various drugs that help to control the estrogen level, normalize the testosterone level and speed up the recovery period.

For 50% men it takes about 10-12 months to return to normal production of natural testosterone. Thus, ideally following a steroid cycle it is better to start a year after PCT. For most bodybuilders it is a utopia, so they are looking for a more practical approach.

In the circles of the consumers of sports pharmacology accepted that you stay “on course” plus PCT time equals the interval where the athlete stands, waiting for a new steroid course.

A course of anabolic steroids + PCT = Pause between courses

This means, if the 8-week course is accompanied by a 4 week PCT, pause between courses of steroids will last 12 weeks since the completion of PCT.

In addition, not all people recover at the same speed. Young bodybuilders need less time to recover. They have the natural testosterone production getting better in a few weeks. This property decreases with age. Mature bodybuilders should take many months to normalize hormone production.

What to take during PCT

For PCT cycle medications from three groups that are depending on the applied course types of steroids.

  1. Selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERMS). In this category include Tamoxifen and Clomid. They stimulate the production luteinizirutego (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH).
  2. Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). Effective to prevent testicular atrophy or, if it has already happened in the treatment. Also these include human growth hormone (HGH). His feature – support low levels of body fat.
  3. The aromatase inhibitors. They reduce the levels of estrogen. These include Anastrozole.
    Who can do without PCT

The athletes who are planning to start another course of steroids in less than 12 weeks no need to connect post-cycle therapy. Everything is very simple. There is no need to stimulate the production of testosterone if after a few weeks he will again be depressed. This is a huge stress to the body, which can result in serious consequences.

Bridges between courses of anabolic steroids

steroid coursesThere are athletes all year round to remain “on course” without any significant breaks. After completion of the steroid course they fill the gap in small doses lung steroids. It is like creating a bridge between courses. Bodybuilders thus retain muscle mass gain without any loss.

This is quite a dangerous method. Without breaks between the courses some of the important functions of the body stop working forever. We are talking about testosterone production, prostate function, normalize blood pressure and others.

Pause between cycles of steroids need to eliminate chemicals from the body. During this period, you can and should give preference to natural training. Cleansing the body from steroids takes a long time, as it is a complex process. Athletes who do not want to stop, need to make sure that body functions are in good condition. Not be amiss to consult an endocrinologist.

Keep in mind that the more you “rest” between taking steroids, the better your body recovers and your natural testosterone production returns to normal. Make sure your break time is equal to or even more than the time on a steroid course and PCT together. We would never recommend you to use the bridges between the courses of steroids as they can cause irreparable damage to your health. Use steroids wisely, and you will always enjoy great results without side effects.