How effective is the steroid bridge

How effective is the steroid bridge?

Question: What about the use of a moderate steroid such as Anavar as a bridge between courses? Is it normal to maintain mass between courses? And in what dosages to take the drug?

AnavarAnswer: The bridges in bodybuilding have some “pitfalls“. First, any anabolic steroid – when used in dosages required for massonabora – suppresses the natural production of testosterone. Judging by research, testosterone is significantly suppressed from injection doses of oxandrolone, so you will not be envied if you venture to take Anavar during the recovery bridge.

Secondly, the whole “terrible” truth is that in a steroid bridge you will not get off the steroids and potentially will exacerbate their negative impact on serum lipids and the cardiovascular system. If you devote a year to moving from a “strong” course to a “moderate” oral course (Anavar), then you absolutely exactly in this way change the lipid profile in an unnecessary way (oral preparations are more potent in this case). In the long term, you put your health at risk.

Do not forget that the purpose of course therapy is to reduce the negative effects of steroids on health. With the fact of the potential health hazard of such drugs you can not argue. Bridges are no exception. Instead of reducing negative health risks, they can, on the contrary, increase such risks indefinitely. Do not use steroids in bridges!

Non-steroidal bridges

Non-steroidal bridgesIf you are in search of an optimal “extra-curricular” program, you should use non-hormonal drugs of anabolic and / or biological supplements, rather than AAS. Let’s say I know a lot of guys wanting to get off steroids and switch to a course from IGF-1 and human growth hormone.

A lot of other people during the bridge intend to apply a course of food additives. In this sense, I often advise you to use arachidonic acid (750-1000 mg / day) with creatine (3-5 g / day) for 50-60 days. Both of these drugs are very effective in terms of massaging. The fact is that some pro-bodybuilders achieve amazing results after taking these two supplements between the courses and during the test periods. These additives after the course you will really help out, keeping and supporting the fruit of your hard work in the hall during the course. In general, they can be rightly considered an effective non-hormonal anabolic stack.

Also, after the course, additives from branched chain amino acids (BSAA) may be useful, when the recovery is not as intense as on the course. These supplements will help you to recover faster and achieve greater effectiveness from training.

Fish oil can also help you balance the concentration of lipids / triglycerides, which, as you should already know, change in a negative direction on the steroid course. Post-course period can be useful for yourself, taking some vitamins and preparations on herbs for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.

Conclusion: bridges should be conducted with good and good. It is at this time that your hormonal balance should normalize to the natural state, and the body take a “time out”, resting from steroid loading and to some extent, possibly experiencing “breaking“.