Abuse of anabolic steroids

Abuse of anabolic steroids is a rule or an exception to the rules?

Anabolic steroids are very popular among athletes athletes. Thanks to them there is an increase in muscle mass. But are they so harmless to human health? Is it possible to abuse these drugs? All these problems will be discussed later in the article.

Let’s see what anabolic steroids are. These are hormones that are injected into the body as an artificial testosterone. And everyone knows that testosterone is responsible for increasing muscle mass. Therefore, the solution of many questions about the dramatic increase in muscles for athletes has been the use of anabolic steroids.

But are they safe for the body? If you take the right drugs and do not abuse them, then they will not bring any harm to the body. But, unfortunately, many people, especially young people, want to quickly get in shape, build bigger and more prominent muscles, take a large dose of steroids every day – that’s when abuse takes place.

Why do you need to take anabolic steroids?

Since the 50s of the 20th century, steroids have been at the peak of popularity. They helped the athletes to gain weight faster. Then other sportsmen and even women joined this group. Until 1975, anabolics were used uncontrollably, so many bodybuilders began to complain about their health. It seems that everything was fine from the beginning of the application, and then all of a sudden everything changed dramatically for the worse.

Therefore, the US government decided to ban the sale of anabolics to everyone without a prescription from a doctor. This law is valid until our time. In our country, steroids can be purchased anywhere, even in the gym as a useful dietary supplement.

Many athletes think that they have increased their relief muscles only thanks to these drugs. But nowhere has it been proven that steroids alone can increase mass. Maybe it’s the “placebo” effect, that is, when a person believes in something, it will come true. Also, anabolic steroids are used after severe illnesses, such as cancer, because during the period of rehabilitation, muscle mass is lost. Course on drying.

At first, only athletes began to abuse steroids, later they were joined by other athletes from various industries. The only “clean corner” can be called female hockey and figure skating.

Signs of abuse of anabolic steroids:

  • On the part of the hormonal system, men appear apathy to sexual relations with women, testicles decrease in size, hair loss begins. If a woman “overdone” with the use of the drug, then it may begin to change the body and voice of the male type.
  • If you start using this drug for a teenager, you can not grow to the extent that should have been by nature. Anabolic steroids can stop the growth of bones.
  • Some drugs from a series of anabolic steroids can increase blood pressure. And against this background, a microinsult and even a stroke may occur.
  • All drugs in this group also have toxic effects on the liver, so they must be taken very carefully so as not to get liver cancer.
  • With abuse of anabolic drugs, a nervous breakdown and an aggressive attitude towards others can occur.


These signs can be avoided only if you are pre-examined in a medical institution, then take steroids only for the intended purpose. In no case should you take in excess of the permitted dose. Our online store of steroids provides for you a wide selection of products. A competent coach will help you choose exactly the drug that not only does not hurt your health, but also helps the body to become sturdier and stronger, dry mass.

Why do athletes choose artificial testosterone?

Thanks to steroids, calories that enter the body are used more quickly by it. Energy is used with advantage. This means that the fatty deposits are getting smaller, and the muscle mass only grows. That is why such drugs have become so popular among bodybuilders and, incidentally, not only among men.
Everyone wants to have strong muscles and lack of subcutaneous fat in a short time. Many athletes believe that due to steroids, the body releases more energy for training. And if there was a trauma, the body will quickly recover.
Evidence that this is really so, there is very little, so each person needs to decide for himself whether he needs it or not. You can not abuse – and then everything will be fine with health.

How are steroids used?

Ahead of the competition … and every athlete wants to look at 100%. But how to do this, if before the competition, the bodybuilders take tests for doping in the blood. And it turns out that it is very easy. After all, you can finish taking the drug even 4-6 weeks before the competition and everything will be fine – the muscles are “pumped up”, and the body is “clean.”

How should you take steroids so that the muscles become embossed?

Here you have made a decision – you want to increase your muscle mass by any means. But the first thing you need to know is the dose for the amateur sportsman and professional will be radically different. Do not start taking steroids without consulting a specialist.

Athletes begin to drink anabolics a few months before the competition, they want to achieve incredible results. And many succeed. But, unfortunately, this powerful “relief” can disappear after only a few days. If you do not believe these words, then you can look at your idols after 2 weeks – in most cases the sight is not the best.


And all because of the fact that many bodybuilders want to succeed not at the expense of training, but only at the expense of drugs, even if it’s not safe sometimes. And anabolic steroids themselves without training give only a short-term result. Clenbuterol quickly burns subcutaneous fat, but with an unhealthy diet, it returns to its place in a matter of days. Diuretics remove excess water from the body, but if after the competition to cancel the use of this drug, the water will again accumulate in the body.

To prevent this from happening, the build-up of muscle mass must occur gradually – only then will there be a long-lasting result from training along with steroids. If you need to arrange your body “drying”, then without a diet can not do. The closer the competition, the tougher the diet should be. The amount of carbohydrates with each week should decrease. For example, the first week you eat 300 g of complex carbohydrates, the second – 200, and so go to 50 grams per day.

The remaining weeks before the competition you need to keep everything on the same 50 grams of carbohydrates per day. In order to not miss the loss of muscle mass, lower the level of carbohydrates, replace the high protein level. You can even eat up to 400 grams of protein a day. Increase the amount of protein you need too gradually (just as reduce carbohydrates, just the opposite).