Steroid cycles

Steroid cycles of beginners

A certain level of development, exceeding your natural level, can be achieved using relatively moderate doses of drugs, but on condition that you train properly, eat and sleep.

For an average guy with an average height of 175 cm, with an average bone structure and genetically typical restorative and strength parameters (weight of dry body weight 85-88kg, bench press 125-135kg, full squat 170-180kg, and about 225kg deadlift).

In the future, you will need large doses of drugs to ensure continuous growth. The increase in the dose is not proportional to the increase in body weight. For example, many can increase their weight by 4-5 kg ​​with at least 250mg of testosterone per week. To increase the mass by 10%, this will require significantly more than 10% increase in the dose of the drug. Let’s say 15-20 kg will require a significant dose.

The amount of the drug used depends on how close or far you are from your natural maximum.

Large doses of drugs used with their own low body weight will certainly lead to accelerated growth, but at the cost of big money and pobochek … “accelerated” does not always mean fast.

250 mg of testosterone cypionate per week gives a testosterone level that is twice the level that a young man naturally produces. Therefore, those who have not yet reached their natural limit can grow without drugs, if they know how to do it correctly, or grow at low or moderate doses.

100 mg of cypionate transfers about 70 mg of pure testosterone (minus the ether itself).

Testosterone is produced in amounts of 4 to 8 mg per day – this is from 28 to 70 mg per week. So you can see that 250 mg of cypionate (175 mg of pure testosterone) can move you to a higher level, which means a new impressive level of development.

Steroid cycles for beginners and those who have not yet reached their natural level of development.

The best way to start is to take one steroid, testosterone is preferable for two reasons: # 1 you do not need complex combinations – a significant result will vseravno be noticeable; # 2 to acquire the necessary experience – a subjective reaction to the best of all hormones (growth rate, pobochki …)

Any single steroid can lead to an impressive result, but 4 of them are really “terrible” in this respect: Testosterone, Dianabol (methandienone), Anadrol (oxymetholone) and Trenbolone. Personally, I do not like Anadrol because of its increased toxicity … BUT for a short cycle it is quite suitable.

Course №1

Realizing that many would like to get the result as quickly as possible, I would recommend 400-500 mg of testosterone enanthate or cypionate per week. Duration 8-12 weeks with the same period of rest between courses. You should always have estrogen blockers at your fingertips: nolvadex 20 mg / day or at least clomid 50 mg / day.

You will get a more stable level of testosterone in the blood, making injections twice a week (200-250 mg).

Sustanon is also suitable, but is too expensive compared to enanthate or cip (eh, America …)

Short course with test

4-6 weeks, but using propionate 100mg every other day.

Course №2

Methandienone 30mg / day, divided into 4 doses, one right before bedtime.

Methane is probably the only steroid that is better than testosterone in terms of speed of response. The time limit for the course is 4-6 weeks because of its toxicity.

Course №3

Test cypionate or enanthate 400-500 mg / week for 8-12 weeks and methane 30 mg / day for the first 4 weeks. Undoubtedly a very powerful combination. Methandienone allows to speed up the process. The problem with this combination is that you will experience a strong water retention and “swell.” The use of estrogen inhibitors, for example arimidex 0.5-1g / day, may be a good idea …

Steroid cycles

Course №4  for beginners

The test is 400mg / week and the train is 75mg every other day. A great combination, but requires more injections, so this is a good chance to test yourself in this regard.

Course №5 is a classic combination

Test / deca 250 mg each for 8-12 weeks.

Course №6

Another proven combination. Deca 400mg / week and methane 30mg a day.

After each course should take a “rest” from drugs, equal to at least the length of the course.
Signs of the gino.

Every day in the shower, check the nipples with soapy hands. If you feel pain or itch, immediately nod. In fact, in most cases (for most guys), it’s impossible to hook the gino until you use flavoring drugs.
Additional information for beginners.

Of course, you can use other drugs … but they are hardly the best choice for you. Although it depends on your goals. If you are looking for a smaller result in building a mass, try the following … but do not expect anything supernatural.

Anavar 30-50 mg / day (single dose) for 4-6 weeks.

Winstrol 50 mg / day intramuscularly or orally.