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Information T3-Cytomel

Cytomel is a synthetic thyroid hormone that exists only in the form of tablets. This is one of the most powerful thyroid hormones and its properties are strongly anabolic.

There are 2 types of synthetic thyroid hormones. We distinguish thyroid hormone L-type T4 and Type L-T3 as Cytomel. It is Cytomel that is far from being the most powerful of the two. The people who tested reported that the results obtained with Cytomel were 4 5 times L-T4 type. The mode of action of Cytomel is: it increases protein synthesis and produces a muscle gain as well. Also Cytomel is an excellent fat burning: accelerate the use of carbohydrates and burn fat, making more RNA (ribonucleic acid) by increasing the basal metabolism. This property allows the builder to use Cytomel during competition periods prepared to get a stiffer muscle. Also Cytomel is so effective for fat that many bodybuilders allow some diet differences during this burning period, knowing that Cytomel destroys excess calories consumed.

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Finally, it should be noted that Cytomel is preferably used in combination with other anabolic agents. In fact, it is more effective to exploit the action of steroids, but it does not cause any real weight gain when used alone. As Cytomel increases the mass of users only with protein synthesis, its use must always be accompanied by a particularly hyper-protein diet (even more than with other products) to achieve better muscle gains cytomel t3 reviews. It is rare that a substance causes very desired effects simultaneously, so Cytomel is a popular hormone in the middle of bodybuilding.

How is a thyroid hormone Cytomel can cause quiescence of thyroid function in the same way as a testosterone cycle inhibits the production of endogenous testosterone. It is therefore recommended not to exceed recommended doses. The effects of Cytomel are so overwhelming that many bodybuilders are tempted to use it for long periods or at very high doses. A Cytomel cycle also causes various symptoms and side effects, but bodybuilders are able to reduce or eliminate these effects by lowering the dose slightly.

Bodybuilders usually use Cytomel before a competition in collaboration with clenbuterol, which is also a dreaded “fat eater”. This stack gives great results with regard to fat burning and muscle streaking.

Bodybuilders should start with a low dose and slowly increase cytomel t3 reviews. Most experienced users usually start 25 mcg per day, so increase every 5 or 6 25 days mcg to go as high as 100 mcg per day, taken in 4 days throughout the day. Care should be taken to gradually reduce the dose gradually to the end of the cycle to avoid an abrupt interruption. The duration of a Cytomel cycle should not exceed 5 weeks. Before starting a new cycle of Cytomel, it must be at least 8 weeks to allow the thyroid to resume normal functioning.

Positive effect of T3

Protein synthesis

Unlike anabolic steroids that maintain a positive nitrogen balance to promote protein synthesis, t3 accelerates degradation of these same proteins when they are too abundant (negative ions balance). Therefore ideal for drying times to avoid weight gain.

Fat burning

By accelerating the degradation of glucose and cholesterol, t3 has the effect of increasing lipolysis and hence fatty cementation. T3 also increases body thermogenesis. With rising temperatures, it splits more and so it evacuates more. The result is a significant weight loss cytomel t3 reviews.

Anabolism and GH

Taking t3 significantly increase the concentration of this hormone in the body, this will have the effect of increasing anabolism and your hormone production of natural growth.

Negative effect of T3

  • A higher overdose of 100mcg / day t3 can cause an increase in heart rate, and tachycardia.
  • Overdose of this hormone can be dangerous to the heart.
  • In extremely dry times, you may be faced with a very tired muscle that increases the risk of injury.
  • A prolonged period of use of this hormone can cause a stop in the natural production of this hormone.
  • Stop period proportional to the period of use.