Crossfit and steroids

Crossfit and steroids

  1. I have experience working with a lot of bodybuilders, pro-athletes, cross-athletes and ordinary people. I help them build muscle mass and achieve excellent performance, with / without the use of stimulant drugs.
  2. When required, I also help athletes “dress” doping tests.
  3. CrossFit is an incredibly entertaining sport through demonstration of fitness, endurance and strength. At the same time, the crossfire is traumatic and often requires doping support.
  4. A doping test is rather an IQ test. Those. it’s just stupid to fail. And cross-match competitions are held at a trivial anti-doping program.
  5. We are interested in all possible effective ways to increase productivity, especially when in the priority of fame and money.

bodybuilding and crossfitWhat does bodybuilding and crossfit have in common?

A vivid antagonist of bodybuilding once advocated crossfire. Initially, I was engaged in bodybuilding and was more immersed in it, then a crossfit appeared on the proscenium. Bodybuilding with crossfit in many respects are similar to each other. Both there and there are used stimulant drugs.

If you are a crossfitter and read this article, then, most likely, soon after reading this, you will have steam from your ears from righteous anger, when you learn that I quite rightly stress the connection of cross-phyto with the use of doping drugs.

What motivated me to such confessions?

For many years I earned a good living by writing books and articles for bodybuilding magazines and training athletes for steroids. I also dealt with manufacturing, smuggling, selling steroids, monitoring the effects of steroids. I spoke on the radio, gave interviews on TV, acted in films and found ways to deceive doping tests …

In short, I know a lot about steroids. I’ve read a lot about crossfit and steroids and maybe even know more about steroids than many of the crossfitters.

I’m not opposed to crossfire. I equipped my room for the needs of a crossfit. And I intend to tell the whole truth, based on personal experience. However, this truth is not for everyone.

Is Crossfit the most sporting sport?

CrossfitBefore touching on the topic of using steroids in a crossfit, it would be nice to begin to understand what the crossfit itself is. And this is not how his founder, G. Glassman describes it, who, perhaps, would characterize his offspring as strength training and general development exercises using variable functional movements with high intensity. This is not quite true. The concept of crossfire is specially fed in such a wrapper to convince people of some kind of intelligence and intellectuality of this sport. Crossfitters even go so far as to begin to consider themselves “the most athletic athletes in the world” and to shout that “we have a warm-up – that your training!”

Still argue that the collection of muscle mass is more conducive to crossfire, rather than classic bodybuilding. And Glassman adds: “They say science has proven the effectiveness of crossfire. But personally, I do not need a scientific opinion on this matter. It’s enough just to look at cross-media and draw conclusions that the system works efficiently. “

I, too, could do this, not without cunning, saying that I do not need proof that crossfitters are taking steroids with might, just look at them. But I’ll do it differently. I think the combination of “enough to look” is ambiguous. The words of Glassman are not supported by scientific research, although, according to him, science allegedly proved. How do we know that the great muscularity that is achieved in crossfire, rather than in bodybuilding, is not due to the use of doping drugs? In fact, no one knows this.

But we know for certain about the availability of less burdensome methods of recruiting muscle mass. Today, the only practical evidence of how crossfit works is the large number of injuries. As studies show, the crossfit really works in terms of causing harm to your body and health. Of course, people are attracted by entertainment – a demonstration of fitness, endurance and strength. But the low-lying crossfit – injuries, injuries and once again injuries. Therefore, without doping drugs in this sport in our time is very difficult.

Crossfit is considered an adversarial competition originating from the US, and it is quite natural to call it a politically correct combination of “game by the rules”, (a match in which you will not puff up). But he acquired and gained fame thanks to the incessant PR-campaign.

Crossfit is trying to consolidate its position among other sports. And here it is hardly possible to do without the human tendency to muhlezhu, especially when it comes to fame, big fees and entertainment.

Crossfit, being a professional sport, has the same “weaknesses” as other professional sports. It remains only to guess and suspect that many of the crossfitters, especially the elite class, use illegal illegal doping drugs.

Equal opportunities?

Equal opportunities do not happen in sports. If your grandfather was a working man, wagging entire days on the field or using a sledgehammer to lay sleepers, you at the genetic level will be more disposed to possessing good physical data, unlike a man whose grandfather was an engineer.

What is true is true, there are no equal opportunities in sports, primarily, genetics, and not steroids. There can never be a question of equal opportunities in sports, as long as people with different genetics participate in it.

Steroids for recovery

Steroids for recoveryNow let’s touch on the topic of steroids. Crossfit is a kind of sport in which recovery after vorkauts is extremely difficult without the use of steroids. And doping recovery can not help but affect performance. Probably, for someone it will seem sedition, but crossfit, most likely, is the number 1 sport in the world for extracting the greatest overall benefit from the use of steroids for restorative purposes. This in itself is a sufficient reason to believe that a lot of crossfitters are sitting on steroids.

From another high-end crossfitter, when asked what he does on the day of rest, you can often hear such answers: “I do not have such days,” “I’m already recovering” or “Running half marathon“. From such comments the perplexity is brewing: what is it – human stupidity or crossfiters, such supermen? Such overloads can hardly be done without harm to your body, without the use of steroids.

How can I train three times a day without days off, with the same performance, performing hundreds of different movements in the exercises, do a squat with a barbell going to the rise of the bar at lunchtime – with the expectation that in this mode you will work for decades? Is it possible for a human body to cope with such overloads with a natural diet? No! This is the catchphrase.

It is clear that bodybuilders are on “you” with steroids. But just mention the use of cross-steroid steroids, as you immediately will be downed by a battalion of lawyers. Why raise such a noise, if so everything is quite obvious?

Did you know that an anti-doping program in a crossfit is so trivial that even a camel could bypass it? Supporters of the crossfit are truly convinced that crossfitters are so super-hardy athletes, and you, a sort of bastard, doubt this, suspecting the action of stimulants. However, there are also sensible crossfitters who recognize the popularity of steroids in their sport.

D. Bailey, a top crossfighter, somehow expressed doubts about the integrity of the athletes’ reputation for cross-fencing. According to him, to get out of the water, outsmarting the doping test, is easy. Even female athletes from the crossfire, sometimes, start to poke each other, veiling in accusing of using steroids.

Why will athletes always cheat?

Some snobs practicing crossfit may well be of the highest opinion of themselves, considering themselves to be unique in their strength and endurance, or even supermen in all senses, and mere mortals are far from even the average results of this elite. But in actual fact people are up to the point of view of who the elite thinks themselves to be. The realities of the modern world dictate their standards, which the entire other world tries to adhere to. One way or another, the opinion of the society determines the nature of things.

In this regard, the crossfit should have equal opportunities, conditioned only by the nature of man. But competition is a trick that you can stop taking stimulant medications, like in any sport, except perhaps never.

An exemplary example of us will serve as an Olympic menu for the most that neither are pro-athletes. Drugs – this is the same integral component of the sport as the uniform. Scandals with the reception of prohibited substances in professional sports are not exceptions to the rule, but for many years as a rule.

Take any sport: every athlete is individually influenced by the collective when it comes to increasing productivity. If there is one on the dope, it does not mean that only one was exposed. This only indicates that only one of them could be taken out of the host of muhlevshchikov to the surface. Believe the opposite would be too naive.

The physical form of the athlete and drugs

For crossfit this is, apparently, a problem. Alas, is it possible to talk about taking care of one’s health by taking illegal drugs? Judging by the specifics and intensity of cross-training, steroids, peptides, androgens, hormones should be an integral part of this sport. But in fact, it’s a cosmetic effect. An avid media sensation broadcasts some kind of nonsense, in particular, among the “steroids” singling out creatine as a “dangerous steroid drug” and dunking in the crap in its publications caught in the doping of elite athletes. Yes, there will not be that the unblemished reputation of a crossfit as a sport was defiled by such drugs. But the gin is no longer run back into the bottle. The relationship of cross-doping with doping will constantly become more tight and denser, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Do you have doubts on this score? Then ask yourself: What prevents cross-dipliers from taking dope? I think doping in crossfights can be explained by the same reasons as in other sports: fame, prestige, money.