Growth Hormone

Course of Growth Hormone

The growth hormone course is very expensive, effective and dangerous doping, although for medical purposes, under the supervision of doctors, growth hormone is practically harmless. It will be appropriate to recall the well-known Paracelsus, who somehow argued that everything is poison and everything is a medicine.

At the same time, it is often said that growth hormone is generally harmless, but immediately it is recommended to take it together with insulin and / or thyroid hormones. The growth hormone course, in fact, can lead to diabetes, to suppress the secretion of thyroid hormones, and also contribute to the development of cancer. We definitely do not recommend the use of somatotropin, but, since there is no rest staggered, you will have to consider taking this medication.

The growth hormone course involves injections of exogenous somatotropin, that is, we are not talking about stimulants of its own secretion, but about introducing the hormone from the outside. There are several ways of producing somatotropin, but we, as consumers, are not interested in how it is produced, but how good and cheap it is, or rather, we are interested in the price-quality ratio, which we will discuss in more detail later.

The secretion of somatotropin can be stimulated by natural methods and the use of peptides, but we will talk about this in separate articles. In this article, we will analyze the best brands of growth hormone, ways to check its quality, storage rules, admission rules and what results, in addition to penis cancer, can be expected from a course of growth hormone.

Properties of somatotropin and the effects of admission

Growth hormone is a polypeptide hormone in the anterior part of the pituitary gland that, in adolescence, until the “growth zone” of bones is closed, is responsible for their growth in length, with which its name is related. Also in the function of somatotropin is the stimulation of the synthesis of protein structures and the reduction of subcutaneous fat. That is why the course of growth hormone solo is used only for “drying”, and together with AAS and / or insulin, as well as for the recruitment of muscle mass.

As you understand, in terms of protein metabolism, growth hormone and insulin are synergists, both hormones increase the synthesis of protein, but in terms of carbohydrate metabolism they are antagonists. Insulin reduces the level of sugar in the blood, but its growth hormone, on the contrary, significantly increases. This is why it is recommended to take somatotropin together with insulin on long courses or when exceeding dosages more than 10 per day.

The natural production of growth hormone occurs according to circadian rhythms and, although the average value of the hormone in the blood is 1-5g / ml, but during the hormone release this concentration can reach from 10 to 40ng / ml. On average, such emissions occur every 3-5 hours and most intensively occur in sleep, and 1-2 hours after the person falls asleep, such a release occurs necessarily.

The development of somatotropin with somatoliberin and somatostatin is regulated, the first, as the name suggests, stimulates the secretion of the hormone, and the second inhibits it. This hormone is produced by the hypothalamus, and all natural methods of increasing growth hormone and peptides act on the same principle – they stimulate the production of somatoliberin by the hypothalamus.

Growth Hormone

Growth hormone can affect the synthesis of protein structures, both directly through the somatotropin receptors, and through IGF-1. In general, the anabolic effects of somatotropin are associated with IGF-1, but the cleavage of fatty acids occurs in a different way. In practice, everything said above means 2 facts: a course of growth hormone allows you to simultaneously gain muscle mass and burn fat, but this can lead to a number of side effects.

Above we have already listed them, but it will not be superfluous to say about them again: firstly, it is diabetes, but this pimping can be stopped with insulin or diabetes mellitus, secondly, it is the suppression of the secretion of thyroid hormones that is stopped by their intake during course, and, thirdly, the development of cancer cells, which can not be suppressed. It is also worth noting that insulin can lead to hypoglycemic coma with a lethal outcome, and thyroid hormones ultimately suppress the secretion of their own hormones.

During the course of somatotropin for up to 2 months and at dosages of up to 10 per day, you can use CF diabetes as a safer analogue of insulin. As for T3 and T4, that is, thyroid hormones, then at dosages of up to 10 units per day and a course duration of up to 2-3 months, one can do without them. But without the androgenic anabolic steroids, we do not recommend you.

We, in general, do not recommend taking either one, because lovers do not need it, and for professionals it’s just not ethical, but if you’re so stoked that you are a stethotropin, then be so kind, put yourself and AAS.

How to Choose Growth Hormone

To date, the growth hormone market in Russia has spilled growth hormones from Europe, China, as well as domestic producers. European growth hormones are all very high quality, they can be bought at a pharmacy, however, like a number of Chinese and Russian drugs, but they are very expensive. Vadim Ivanov, owner of, conducted tests of several drugs in 2015, checking their compliance with the declared quality, well, we systematized this data and produced the following table.

But before we go to its content, we want to draw your attention to the fact that% of purity can differ depending on how much growth hormone time. It is best to take the drug by the age of up to six months. The fact is that it must be stored at a certain temperature, and this is often violated, which leads to the destruction of the active substance. In terms of health, it’s not terrible, because the growth hormone breaks down into amino acids, but it’s pointless to pay for the protein for protein.

The optimal drug, as the study showed, is Ansomon, as it can be imported by all dealers without exception. The fact is that there is no official representative in Russia, so anyone can order the drug directly from the plant. The quality and price of Ansomon led to a rabid demand for this drug, so it is always fresh, and, than a fresh goblet, the more it contains the active substance, all other things being equal. In general, at the time of writing the article, the optimal drug was Ansomon, and that you blame yourself, people from the future, we do not know yet.