weight after a steroid course

Can I save weight after a steroid course?

Steroids known under the acronym AAS (anabolic androgenic steroids) are those drugs that are structurally linked to a cyclic steroid system, having an action similar to testosterone, and enhancing cell saturation with protein in skeletal muscles.

Why do people look like steroids like monsters? The fact is that testosterone concentrations jump significantly even from a small course of steroids. For this reason, the body’s ability to gain muscle mass increases. In comparison with straight people, steroid pitching looks impressive and more powerful. For one literate course, you can gain up to 9 kg of pure muscle mass. But even on a steroid course, the process of mass gathering can be slowed down to some extent.

Achieving your genetic “ceiling”

Let some Satanists say that a person can become God. He can not, however much he tried to jump above his head. Well-known actor Will Smith in one of his motivating interviews once said that twice two will not be four, but as much as he wants. He said this not without the influence of a truly sadistic thought that says that a person can become as powerful as God, meaning that he can become invisible, fly through the air and be immortal. But this is from the supernatural and, as Chekhov said, “this can not be, because this can not be ever”.

In bodybuilding, too, one must take into account the mortality of human nature and limited possibilities. There is a certain “ceiling” that can not be overcome without steroids, but there is also a “ceiling” for steroids. These are the realities of life, and no matter how hard you try to work in the hall and dream that you are turning into the Hulk, and against the “ceiling” you can not trample on. Although you can try to spit on your “ceiling” and out of your skin to climb in pursuit of the proportions of the monster. But it will be the same as trying to wave your hands and fly over the ground, like a bird.

The course of steroids before / after reaching the natural genetic “ceiling”

The course of steroids beforeWith respect to the time frame of the first course in the world of athleticism, there are two popular points of view. One of them says that it is better to first reach your genetic “ceiling” in a natural way (without steroids). The other is that you can start cursing until the “ceiling” is reached. The arguments in favor of the first statement are that if you want to reach a “ceiling” without steroids, you need to learn how to react to your body’s training, nutrition and other components that are important for progress. In regard to the second point of view, you can say that as you “achieve” the ceiling of your own due to steroids, the more likely it will be that you will step off the beaten path of success to the side. You can somehow train and eat as it is, and the muscles will still be more powerful than the straight. At you against this background can develop and bad habits.

So what happens to the muscles after the course?

Example 1:

One person begins to cough after reaching his natural genetic “ceiling“. He arranges several courses and picks up 19 kg of muscles. Let’s say that his maximum genetic “ceiling” is on the average 75-80 kg, but he managed to gain 100 kg thanks to steroids. It is worth this man get off the drugs, as his weight drops to the original figures (75-80 kg), taking into account the fat mass. However, not all so simple. A segment of degradation from 100 kg to 75-80 kg will be perceived painfully. A complete rejection of drugs will lead to depression. The concentration of testosterone will drop to a record low mark and it will take some time to restore them. Although, of course, you need to proceed from how long a person was sitting on steroids, for this reason, complete rehabilitation can never even wait. Do you think after a long use of steroids it’s so easy to return to normal life? Yes it is impossible. The endocrine system is already hopelessly damaged.

Example 2:

One person begins to cum before the moment of achievement of the genetic “ceiling”. Let’s say that this person has a maximum “ceiling” of 75 kg, and he starts taking steroids at a weight of 67 kg, and then his weight increases to 100 kg. As soon as he stops cursing, his weight returns to the initial state (75 kg). Some of the muscle mass can be saved thanks to a high genetic “ceiling”. However, most likely, this person’s indicators will return to their original state.


The reason is simple. The set of mass was due to training, nutrition and AAS action. After giving up steroids, there is little training and nutrition to maintain the mass. Let’s say you work on two jobs. On one you pay $ 300, on the other – $ 1000. In total, you get $ 1300. But here you decide to leave with the second job – you are tired of working at night as a stripper. You stay with earnings of $ 300 and you can not do anything about it. Sooner or later you will feel the whole charm of life at such a low salary – you will have to limit yourself, for you will not be able to afford much for such money.

Papa, can I save a little bit of money? I promise that I will behave well.

You can not. It is clear, yes? Mass you can not save the destiny if you get off the steroids. You can only save the mass that you intended to gain with or without steroids. For more detailed information you’ll come to the rescue – there’s a lot of things on this subject show.


Whatever you say, but still you will not save a lot after getting off course. There are people who claim the opposite, but in the long term, the muscles you atrophy. And this applies to all the pumping, even the pros. Do you want proof of what happens to a person after giving up steroids? See the photo.

Detransformation of the body of Chris Cormier
Detransformation of the body of Chris Cormier as an illustrative example of the fact that it is impossible to save mass after stopping taking steroids.

Sooner or later we are forced to somehow answer for our misdeeds and deeds. Of course, we can fool others and ourselves, but you will not go against nature. We are mortal people, not gods. We do not have the right to choose the scenario of our external development, we just can correct it.